Additional Services Offered

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Tactical Bolt Knobs give you much more leverage to cycle the bolt and also a better grip in adverse conditions.  Some styles of bolt fluting have a matching bolt knob to compliment them. All knobs available coated in 1 of the 3 colors that we offer at no extra charge! We offer 8 different styles of bolt knobs to give you many options & combinations.


Bolt handle Skeletonizing is one of the best ways to customize the look of your rifle. Three nicely shaped and proportioned windows are machined into the handle for that custom look. Mountain rifle fans will save a few ounces with this modification. For a minimal investment you can add this nice option to your Remington 700 Rifle, but the best reason to do this, in my personal opinion, is because it just looks cool .


Our recoil lug is the best on the market to date. A bold statement I know. But, when you consider the features offered by our lug you will agree. Machined in house on state of the art CNC equipment. Our lugs are stainless steel and come in various configurations. Machined from heat treated stainless to allow for a nice  finish grind to final thickness. Lugs are .250 thick, flat and parallel to .0002 or better.  The PPR lug has a nice side draft angle for easy removal from bedding as to mitigate any bedding damage. Available in single pin or triple pin configuration for gunsmiths that offer a lug pinning service. Lugs are .125 shorter in overall length than a Holland lug and therefore will fit into most chassis with no modification. A nice plus for all smiths out there. Optional oversize tenon hole for barrels that are finished/fitted to a trued action. And the number 1 requested feature by all smiths, is dual chamfers front and back on the tenon hole. No more filing to create a radius to have correct fitment of barrel to action. Try our lugs and I am sure you will agree.


Happy Shooting!


PPR Custom Shroud Modification: We take your factory shroud and machine it into a small work of art. Five nicely machined facets that are perfectly timed. Adds the finishing touch to a nicely modified Remington Rifle. This is a highly requested service, and will set your rifle apart from all the other Remington 700 rifles, for a small investment. Coating is included in the price.

bolt coatings by "cerakote"

We offer coatings by "Cerakote" which we feel is the best in the industry at this time. We can paint just the flutes and polish the body or the entire bolt can be coated. Our basic colors consist of Tactical Black, Sniper Grey & Flat Dark Earth.


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